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By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Area of scene of black dragon gorge is located in Yan Qingdong the ministry is a mountainous area 1000 inn press down area of sanded Liang Zi, be apart from area of scene of drop water lake to have 5 kilometers only, it is characteristic with water of green hill, green jade, glen. There is cliff cave in hill, there is a pool in the hole. Nature's engineering of axe of ghost of two side cliff, like nature itself. Be in along abrupt wall cliff be as long as the travel before the landing stage of one kilometer, between pool of leap of water of the green jade below the foot, beautiful scenery all stops eye ground all around. Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Address: South countryside of Yan Qingsha Liang Zi
Traffic: De Sheng door stands to Yan Qing by 919 cars, what change leaves for direction of sanded Liang Zi is medium cling to get off to sanded Liang Zi
Drive oneself: Arrive by the way from the Beijing below 3 yuan of bridges conciliatory, along Huai Feng highway goes to soup bayou left-hand rotation to enter cave, 15 kilometers go to arrive namely again after going to treasure mountain temple

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