Primitive tribe amusement park

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Primitive tribe amusement park is apart from conciliatory the city zone 12 kilometers, here undulating hills, fruit forest is shady, clear the river conceiving sand that sees an end is all the year round in the valley torrent, be full of full-bodied primitive atmosphere. Wedding day of go on a journey is spring, autumn two season.

4 area are divided inside garden, tourist can row in broad river water, paddle, in Lin Zhong turf is equestrian, small below archaize booth rest, still can enjoy the performance that teachs completely to primitive religion Sa. In lap, build have the slimy house that imitates cc of short for Shaanxi Province to install half slope culture and culture of temple of Henan short for Shaanxi Province group, when curtain of night arrives, head of the animal on the wooden partition before the hut on hill will launch the luster that gives mystery, people can appreciate life breath of the ancestor here. A chute flies on battalion area flow to fall continuously, the pool feeling a fish below the hillside, there is primitive fork on the side of forked fish pool fish, chase, the setting that gets wood to take internal heat, the tourist that has interest mights as well try skill, catch live fish, its are happy boundless.

Hunting there is emulation animal to be performed for tourist in hunt, there also is true prey in brushwood, had especially chasing bow, but the setting that mankind of appreciate remote antiquity chases. Newly-built primitive culture exhibition is indoor, reveal ancient culture of the mankind with objective picture, kinescope. The cabin of having a unique style and field of outdoor bonfire singing and dancing lies fallow for tourist in the evening go vacationing the room that provided sweet, peaceful.

Chestnut can be held every year to spend a red-letter day here, the middle ten days of a month will have Chinese chestnut red-letter day in September.

Tickets And Time

15 yuanHow To Get There

Island of annulus of bridge of conciliatory area leap forward comes midway of road of admire cropland valley (the 3 villages that cross a river) left-hand bend arrives namely.

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