Noisy water lake

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


Noisy water lake is located in Great Wall of valley of conciliatory admire cropland western, be apart from the city zone 28 kilometers, gross area 18 square kilometer, it is pool of collect Great Wall, ancient hole, mountains and rivers-land, spring, flying waterfall at an organic whole natural cereal of bright and beautiful show.

Scene area is located in bright generation to grow city building to close the valley that builds fortress in, valley two side ridges and peaks rises and fall, strange Shi Zhengrong, bright generation rub cliff carved stone gives ancient closed fastness to add a few cent majesty, and the natural hole that connect the cloud and totemic cabinet are like uncanny workmanship. The spring that gallop falls from summit flying have diarrhoea, form the fall of more than 50 meters of fall.

The mountain peak inside scene area is abrupt, spring gurgle, fruit forest is shady, flowers and plants overflows slope, air is fresh. Difference in temperature of day and night of scene area summer is in 12 ℃ above, air classics exam belongs to primary standard, spring water quality belongs to one class drinking water. Can ascend the Great Wall, view to fly by day waterfall, admire ancient hole, You Quan Shui Yong, catch small fish shrimp, evening can light a bonfire, have dance sing happily in a loud voice, lightly.

Tickets And Time

20 yuanHow To Get There

Beijing east straight door takes 916 cars to Long Shanbin house to get off, turn multiply regular bus of big hazel valley to arrive scene area, oneself drive can arrive island of annulus of admire cropland valley, 8 kilometers go to westing namely.

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