10 thousand family hall for worshipping Buddha

By admin - Posted on 20 January 2009


10 thousand family hall for worshipping Buddha depend on hill and build, eaves having a hall 3, for blue bricks hair certificate does not have Liang Dian. This hall only then build Yu Tangchao, ceng Ming " temple of buddhist of big one by one " , say now " Dalimofo hall of Long Quan treasure " , for bright rebuild between 10 thousand past years. There is Tang Da one by one 5 years on the wall inside the hall inlaid is 23.08 meters long, 2.47 meters tall, engrave by 31 white marble " law of 10 thousand Bodhisattva can pursue " gigantic an anaglyph, its character expression each different, lifelike, it is art of our country's god-given anaglyph of a Tang Dynasty curiosa.

Of 10 thousand family hall for worshipping Buddha below it is natural formation cave -- Kong Shui hole. There is a spring in the hole, the flow of water is billowy, its fountainhead is abysmal, fang Shan one of 8 scene " Kong Shui float " point to here. Mouth of a cave has a record of events inscribed on a tablet, wall of the rock inside the hole has the quarter classics of period of the Tang Dynasty of the Sui Dynasty and stone Buddha statue. Aperture water hole dried up for a time 1982, come up out of land when clear silt 7 small Jin Long, added mysterious color for this hole again.

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